Videos show corruption and negligence by Chevron in Ecuador pollution case

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

The 17 year legal battle between the U.S. petrochemical giant Chevron and the indigenous communities of the Amazon will finally reach a verdict within the

An oil polluted river in the Amazon (photo:

next several months. The dispute arose when Chevron allegedly neglected its 378 well sites and let oil spill underneath and across the Amazon. Because of Chevron’s spilled oil many indigenous people have become ill, their crops have failed, and their livelihoods are threatened, and Chevron has denied any wrongdoing. A series of “outtakes” from a forthcoming documentary on the legal battle, named Crude, show international experts, many from the U.S., debasing claims by Chevron that they cleaned up a toxic site, that the environmental damage is greater than Chevron leads us to believe, and other startling revelations.

Chevron is accused of doctoring these same outtakes for use in several “discovery” cases in US courts to have the evidence from the independent US experts thrown out of the Ecuadorian case. Because of Chevron’s manipulation in using these outtakes, the original filmmaker Joe Berlinger, released the unediting outtakes that show exactly what the experts were saying about Chevron’s continued misleading of the people and its complete understanding of the pollution it has wrought in the Amazon.

The extent of ChevronTexaco's pipelines in the Amazon (photo: ChevronToxico)

Chevron is but another case of the evil, apparently inherent (see BP, Shell, etc.), in all multinational oil corporations. The corporation has been fighting claims for 17 years that it has participated in a fake clean up to protect profits, that it has taken samples at the edges of spills in order to misrepresent contamination, and that it has full knowledge of oil pollution in the water sources of the indigenous tribes in the Amazon.

The videos can be found here.

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